Join us in our Memorial Day Victory Garden Blitz

A group of us in Milwaukee are planning a Victory Garden installation blitz in Milwaukee.  We are assembling a mighty team of volunteers to install food-producing gardens throughout the city.   As the founder of Milwaukee’s Victory Garden Initiative, the tireless Gretchen Mead explains, “on this Memorial Day in effect we are battling a broken food system, an oil dependent world, climate change, and an economy broken by government supported corporate greed.”  


In addition to the focus gardens that we’re installing, we’re inviting, encouraging, and helping anyone in our area who wants to work on their own food-gardening project that weekend, which will end with a grand celebration for all gardeners and volunteers.

I would also like to encourage readers (all 3 of you, plus my Mother 🙂 from across the country to do some Victory Gardening this Memorial Day and tell us about it.  See if you can get other people or groups you’re involved with to join in and make this a national movement!  I know there are some tech-savvy people in our group who, with their newfangled contraptions,  may be able to link us in some way.   I know we’re doing something with google maps. 

Please join us in this grand struggle and celebration!


One Response to “Join us in our Memorial Day Victory Garden Blitz”

  1. Michelle Says:

    You’ve got a fourth. In Connecticut. Thanks for the site. I’m trying to start a similar project here. Not as easy as I’d hoped. It hasn’t stopped raining in the last 2 weeks. My eggplant are laughing at me. Good luck and all the best.

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