This post refers to the  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel front page article on the CSA.  I owe thanks to many people, including my CSA subscribers who I address here.  The link for the article is:

As many of you may have seen, Community Growers and our CSA got front page coverage on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel a week and a half ago.  I want to thank all of you.  This could not have been done without you.  The roof-top farm is Community Supported Agriculture in the most literal sense. 
We need to work hard and fast as a community to question where are food comes from and how it is grown, while, in the face of global climate change and peak oil, finding increasingly local ways to grow food.  Perhaps the most important political statement each and everyone of us makes, and makes daily, is what we buy.  I am honored that you chose to buy Community Growers roof-top produce.

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