Breaking News from The Victory Garden Initiative Foreign Correspondant

Europeans Have Adopted the Practice of Victory Gardening

While traveling in Croatia, your intrepid international victory garden reporter has discovered European Victory Gardens. Apparently they have heard the news and are following our brave leadership. It appears that a number of local residents have actually taken to planting vegetables, as well as fruit and nut trees in their own back yards.

See in this picture hapless American tourists enjoying a lunch which actually contains local, back-yard grown tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Lunch was completed with a number of aperitifs distilled in the gardener’s own cellar distillery. Rumor has it that the wine was also homemade from backyard grapes!

This trendy (ex-hippy, no doubt) backyard gardener has worked out an elaborate system of season extension, including what must be some sort of high-tech mail-order hoop house.

In Boska, on the island of Krk, this reporter also discovered several front yard gardens! Apparently they have had time to grow a variety of vegetables and fruits, including a good looking crop of grapes in between the local government’s stamp-down and eradication of forbidden front yard gardens, which certainly must violate local ordinances in this upscale tourist destination.

Back in Zagreb, your fearless reporter heard some faint clucking sounds. It appears that Croatia’s capital city has finally passed an ordinance allowing residents to raise chickens in their own yards! And we thought that Eastern Europe was backwards and behind the times!!

More soon from your victory garden chief foreign correspondent.


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